SR Signature was founded by Samantha Houghton, a multi award-winning professional with over nine years’ experience in the beauty industry. Early in her career, Samantha worked for three years at the renowned London Lash Professional, one of the leading companies in the eyelash extension industry and gained invaluable experience as a lash technician.

In 2016 Samantha opened her own beauty salon, Samantha Rose, in Blackburn and in January 2019expanded her business with the SR Signature Academy in Samlesbury, near Preston. 

Since her launch she has won a number of UK industry awards and a prestigious prize in Spain for her outstanding work, and been recognised with several nominations by the National Association of Lash Artists.

Samantha is committed to researching new beauty products and techniques to deliver her award-winning beauty services. She has delivered training courses in New York and recently travelled to China to see first-hand how the products were researched, developed and rigorously tested before their release to the beauty market. 

Samantha has built an excellent relationship with her beauty product manufacturers in China and constantly strives to discover the latest innovations. Working in close partnership with her suppliers, Samantha is committed to continually delivering the most up-to-date high-quality products and techniques to her customers and students, to stay ahead of the competition.

Samantha is a fully accredited trainer in lashes and definition brows with an expert team of qualified beauty trainers in eyelash extensions, eyebrows, nails and facials to provide a range of first-class, comprehensive beauty training courses.

“I’m passionate about beauty and I love sharing my knowledge and experience with a wide variety of students, from beginners to experienced beauticians,” she explained. “As beauty professionals, we truly recognise how our treatments can transform our clients’ confidence and self-esteem.

“Over the years we’ve trained and supported a huge number of beauticians to equip them with the skills and confidence to run their own beauty businesses, and it’s changed their lives.

 “Ultimately, I want to ensure my SR Signature Academy offers the best training and ongoing support possible to ensure our clients are successful in their beauty business ventures.”

Samantha Houghton, Managing Director, SR Signature.


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